Photo: Manir Mrittik


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Bangladesh is a country filled with literally thousands of rivers. They all flow from the north and trickle their way into three of the major rivers, Padma, Meghna and Jamuna which ultimately make their way to the south– Bongoposhagor or the Bay of Bengal. Just as the countless rivers contribute their water and silt to the nation, ultimately all flowing to the same destination, our vision is that Bangladeshis across the globe contribute their talents, passion and thoughts to build a nation we are delighted by. Our vision is to create an unparalleled harmony of passion and effort among Bangladeshis across the globe that spans 6 generations in front of us. Our successors do the same and focus 6 generations in front of them so that we, a collective body of Bangladeshis separated by geography and generations, become the driving force in creating an ever-sustainable and vibrant Bangladesh.


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  • We think 6 generations out. Ongoing.
  • We are solution oriented.
  • We work with a positive intent.
  • We foster genuine individual thought and treat our team as our greatest asset.
  • We innovate pragmatic solutions.
  • We have fun and enjoy being with one another.
  • We learn and grow from one another.
  • We cultivate and demand diverse thoughts, backgrounds and passions to drive solutions.
  • We are forever unsatisfied with the status quo.