Photo: Manir Mrittik


6G Newswire: This is the news wire of the 6G organization. The program is launching our current petition.

Bongoposhagor Education: In the future, this sector of the organization will be responsible for promoting educational awareness for schools in Bangladesh.

6G Lotus: The Lotus is the national flower of Bangladesh and B6G Lotus is the creative outlet for Bangladeshis. Initiatives will include cultural expressions in the United States that directly help the people of Bangladesh.

Bengal Tiger: Representing Bengali Transformational Inspirational Generative Entrepreneurs for Revival.

Social Business Club: Dr. Yunus said that ideas are what is needed for Bangladesh. The Social Business Club will be a forum where people can submit their ideas to the community. Participants will then be able to vote on the idea based on its pragmatism and need. The chosen ideas will then be presented to entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and worldwide.